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                               HEALTH SURVEY for 2016-17

The report has been compiled from questionnaires voluntarily completed by members and supporters of the club. The number of dogs are only a proportion of our members’ dogs. We also have the impression that healthy  dogs are less likely to be entered into the survey So this must be taken into account when determining the significance of the analysis, but it does give a good indication of the health status of thePolish Lowland Sheepdog.It does indicate that the Polish Lowland Sheepdog is a healthy breed with no inherent healthproblems and continues to be “ Fit for Function”.

 We do need to continue to monitor our breed. We also need to devise a way to encourage a greater participation.

Owner/s   48
 Dog numbers          78 inc 3 from France & 2 from USA
Gender               Males 32   Females 46Ages               
Ages  0-1yrs - 0,  1 & 2yrs - 14,  3 & 4 yrs - 16,  5 to 6 yrs - 16,   7 to 8 yrs 9,    9- 10 yrs 13,    11 -12yrs 4    & 13 & over 6
.Died                 4      Lymphoma @ Zyrs,    Diabetes @ 10yrs,      Liver Cancer @12yrs,    Senility @14yrs
Gastrointestinal       1 Acute Pancreatic lnsufficiency,    1 Irritable Bowel Syndrome,    1 Sensitive GI tract          1 Liver Cancer ( Died)Respiratory            0
Cardiac               1 heart murmur (no symptoms),  1 Auricular fibrillation (tachycardia) and heart failure on digoxin (pre-existing)
Urogenital  1
 Neurological  Epilepsy
Blood & Lymph        1 Lymphoma (Died)
Eyes   1 Blind PRA (Confirmed) ,  2 very limited vision, cataracts (all pre existing)Ears  3
 Ear infections,    2 Haematoma ext. ear
Skin                  8 dogs noted skin problems,  3 benign lumps,  2 with irritation of feet,  1 had steroids to clear             .                       Arthritis              5  in hind legs Trauma/              1 anterior Cruciate Ligament injury & Repair
,Endocrine             1, Diabetes at 10yrs (Died)     1 Hypothyroidism controlled on tabs both 8 yrs old
Autoimmune          0
Sterilised              1
Dogs with no significant illnesses  67 
Diet          54  Kibble              19 mixed kibble + meat, veg &/or fruit                3 special diet low protein & fats

My thanks to everyone from the club and from facebook who sent back their Health Questionnaire,including 5 from"abroad"
The report will be circulated to members of the PLSCWWE, other Polish Lowland Breed Clubs in UK and abroad, those participating in the Survey and published on our web siteWe will repeat the survey next year

Jim Sibley Health Officer




We monitor the health and illnesses of our Polish Lowland Sheepdogs direct from our members and current literature.
We have added a recommendation that bitches are not mated till they are 2 years old and should not mate bitches over 8 yrs of age and to have no more than 4 litters with at least 12 months between litters. To only mate dogs that have had an eye examination within the year and have been Hip X Rayed under the BVS Hip Dysplasia scheme. To enable the combined score of both parents to be kept low, but also to take into account the family history of both parents and to consult the KC inbreeding coefficient. We do not recommend a specific hip score for breeding

We do not recommend any routine DNA testing at present.

There is increasing interest in the gut microbiome ( bacteria in the gut) and that these micro-organisms may have an important influence on the health of the whole body, especially the immune system.
About 70% of our dogs are fed a Kibble — a complete dry food, but cooked and ? sterile. Will this affect the micro-biome and the health of the dog? Our numbers are far too small and we do not have the facilities to contribute to this debate.
I feel we need independent investigation to give us advice on the most appropriate diet not only for nutritional content but to give and maintain good health.

We hope to arrange the eye testing of our older dogs to determine the incidence of pathology in the older dogs eyes. Initially looking for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, but also any other pathology.

We are not receiving communications from the Breed Health Coordinator

KENNEL CLUB Population analysis of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog breed  Extract

The number of animals of this breed registered with the Kennel Club is consistently small. The small population size and probable use of migrant animals mean there may be large fluctuations in the rate of inbreeding and effective population size.
There appears to be evidence of popular dogs used as sires in this breed.
It should be noted that, while animals imported from overseas may appear completely unrelated, this is not always the case. Often the pedigree available to the Kennel Club is limited in the number of generations, hampering the ability to detect true, albeit distant, relationships.
Estimated effective population size = 42.2 NB - this estimate is made using the rate of inbreeding over the whole period 1980-2014

EXTRACT Full paper can be found at httgӾ[polish lowland sheepdogpdf


To use extreme care restricting/removing dogs from the breeding programme because of any testing such as DNA  and to excessive application of the BVA Hip testing, as well discouraging breeding for a particular length of tail.

 To make that any restriction on the breeding stock is seriously discussed with expert opinion with regard of reducing the genetic pool and this is regularly reviewed.

Restrict the number of litters/ pups a dog can sire.

Search for any non registered ideally working PON type dogs in Europe and determine whether they could be introduced into a breeding programme.

JA SIBLEY Health Officer





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