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The first thing you will notice about the PON is how intelligent it is. Its a clever, lively, independent dog who will need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to keep him happy and healthy. You are responsible for the behavior of your dog. You have to teach your PON what is and is not acceptable behaviour, otherwise you can be sure your dog will decide those things for himself and you’re unlikely to agree with his decisions!

Before you even bring your puppy home, do some research into training and socialisation classes in your area. Your local vet may host puppy parties or advertise trainers and classes. Your local pet shop is another resource for finding classes. The Kennel Club (KC) maintains a list of dog clubs throughout the country and you can find out about those in your area by emailing the KC at

Training should not be something you only do in classes, but for greatest success it should be part of your everyday life with your PON.

KC Good Citizen Scheme
The Kennel Club runs the KC Good Citizen Scheme - which encourages owners to train their dogs to a simple level of obedience, this promotes sensible dogs for our community.

The Kennel Club also run the Safe And Sound Award Scheme to promote the safe interaction between children and dogs.

When possible, the Club runs its own KC Good Citizen Training sessions and encourages all owners to participate in the scheme

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Getting started in showing

For every breed of dog recognized by the Kennel Club (KC) there is an established breed standard which represents the ideal conformation and characteristics for that breed. At shows, judges are comparing each dog with its particular breed standard to find the dog they consider to be nearest to that ideal picture of the breed. The breed standard for the PON.

Attending shows and observing your breed is a great way to gain understanding of what judges and other competitors do. However, training classes called ringcraft offer the best way to practice for the show ring.

Start by joining a local dog club. The KC maintains a list of clubs and you can get details of those in your area by emailing them at

Local clubs will have information on ringcraft classes as well as obedience and agility classes. If you have any problems finding information about training classes or ringcraft classes, contact one of our regional advisors. (link back to committee page)

If you are interested in showing then become a member of our club. If you’re new to showing and want some help and advice, there are plenty of people especially your dogs Breeder who know exactly what you’re going through and will be only too happy to offer help and support – our regional advisors are here to help!

If you are considering showing – but think you are entering into a new world with a hole new language then Higham Press have the perfect site for you – a glossary of show terms, which will help demystify the show scene

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